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82nd Airborne Soldiers Fire Mortars In Mosul


Since the U.S. military began its campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, American troops, primarily special operators, have been creeping closer to the front lines and toward increasingly active combat.

A new, official video provides measurable clues about just how close conventional forces now are to enemy in the fight to finally eject the terrorists from their de facto capital in Iraq, Mosul.

Video footage from combat zones near Mosul, Iraq showed how the Islamic State terror group was getting pelted with mortar from U.S. troops stationed close enough to rattle the bones of the jihadists.

Soldiers from the U.S. Army’s 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division are gaining enough ground in the area that they can provide close-range fire support in the coalition campaign Operation Inherent Resolve.

The video, which was reportedly shot on May 19, 2017, showed troops firing 81mm M252 and 120mm M120 mortars. The M252’s maximum range is around three and a half miles, while the M120 can hit targets almost four and half miles away.

The M252 can hits targets as close as 300 feet and the M120 can hit targets as close as 650 feet, according to The War Zone.

Take a look at our soldiers delivering special gifts to militant Islamists:

God bless these guys thank you my prayers are with you god keep these men safe and bring them home to their families. Once again thank you all so much