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BREAKING: Barack Obama Secretly Spent $36.2 Million On THIS


Obama was the worst president in American history. He did more to damage America than anyone in history, he is a liar and a traitor.

All the Democrats of his administration are like that. This is why it is so funny they are going after Trump tooth and nail for every little tiny smallest thing they can find.

While they worry about Trump’s ice cream, they have enough investigations and prosecutions of Obama and related people that SHOULD be pursued that it could take every prosecutor right through to the 22nd Century.

It’s no secret that transparency was a huge issue during Barack Obama’s presidency. However, even we didn’t think he’d go this far to hide things from the American people.

It was just revealed that Obama spent a record $36.2 MILLION dollars of taxpayer money in legal fees to try and hide things from the press and from the American people, according to MRC.

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, Obama should have turned over various records when he was asked to. However, he instead spent years and millions of dollars continuing to deny knowing the whereabouts of whatever was in question.

It’s been confirmed that of the $36.2 million “the Justice Department accounted for $12 million, the Homeland Security Department for $6.3 million and the Pentagon for $4.8 million.”

Though Obama’s White House claimed to be “the most transparent administration in history,” it was in no rush to respond to the 788,769 requests for files and were not concerned with the $478 million dollars they paid staff to “answer” them. In a staggering 77% of the requests under President Obama’s administration, the public received censored files or nothing at all.

In eight years Obama has brought more destruction to this country than any foreign dictator could… Hard to believe that his supporters can’t stop and think.

Who the hell is going to pay for all the free stuff when the real tax payers (hard working people) decide to stop paying taxes. Who is going to rebuild the cities destroyed by the Soros backed community organizers? Who is going to have jobs to offer those who do want to work when the liberals, socialist and progressive politicians continue to weigh the companies and small business down with regulations and higher taxes.

The American people are waking up… That is why Trump was elected!

If you don’t like it please find another country that will put up with your demands, destructive behavior and your unwillingness to get out and get a job. We are tired of your whining.

Move on or move out!

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