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This Could Change Everything! Parents of Charlie Gard Get Brain Scan Results… Yuge News Released


First of all, I want to say little Charlie we are pulling for you baby you’re in our prayers God is a miracle worker we are praying for you honey and God bless Charlie’s mom and dad prove those doctors wrong Jesus Amen

Charlie Gard is a name that has stirred up heated debates among public figures, Twitter users, liberals, and conservatives.

The case of nearly 1-year-old Charlie Gard came to international attention when the Great Ormond Street Hospital filed a case in UK courts to have the infant’s ventilator turned off. Everyone came to know the little boy’s name who has a debilitating disease known as mitochondrial depletion syndrome.

Now, a U.S. doctor has announced that infant Charlie may have a “small but significant” chance for recovery. The American medical specialist made the determination after performing a brain scan on Charlie in London.
The Charlie Gard case is another powerful example of everything wrong with Europe. Their Socialist-Globalist system has made it so that the parents of this poor child are forced to accept the ruling of European death courts that want their baby pulled off life support.

However, there’s now hope for the Gard family. An American doctor flew out to London to examine the infirm child. He found that there’s a significant chance of Charlie recovering–and the courts might reconsider their ruling as a result!

Dr. Michio Hirano of New York’s Columbia University is a highly-respected neuroscientist who specializes in mitochondrial depletion syndrome, the condition with which Charlie is afflicted.

Dr. Michio Hirano of Columbia University Medical Center, who specializes in rare genetic diseases, believes that the chance of treatment being successful are between 11 to 56 percent and he hopes to improve muscular strength,” Fox News reported.

According to Charlie’s parents, Connie Yates and Chris Gard, Charlie’s condition came to light after an 8-week check up. Charlie was born healthy but his condition soon deteriorated. Since being 8-weeks old, Charlie has been in the hospital and UK experts have said there is no chance for the infant’s survival.

After a rigorous Go Fund Me campaign that Charlie’s parents set up raising over 1.3 million pounds, Charlie now has the ability to be treated in America to test out a new treatment that could help improve his well-being.

Lord our Father in heaven please put your healing hands on this little baby named Charlie and breathe life into him and let him live and bring joy to his parents for the rest of his life. Please Lord give this baby a chance to live. I ask these things in the name of Jesus. Amen

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