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Comey Shared Classified Government Notes With Friend – Same Thing He Went After General Petraeus For

Petraeus and Comey both leaked government notes

Former FBI Director James Comey is in serious legal trouble according to some experts. His memos are not his personal property and what he did is a crime.

What is fascinating about all this, Eric Holder and James Comey went after General David Petraeus for the same thing.

Comey in his testimony on Thursday in front of the Senate noted that he wanted to get a special counsel to look into the Trump–Russia fake news story and so he leaked his personal notes to the New York Times.  A few days later a special counsel was created to look into the bogus Trump–Russia story.

Jack Posobiec tweeted out, “This is General David Petraeus. He was tried and convicted for leaking personal memos. He lost his security clearance, was fined $100,000, and given 2 years probation. The lead investigator on his case was James Comey.”

Posobiec pointed out that Comey went after Petraeus for the same thing Comey just admitted he did with the memos he made from his meeting with the President.

Comey went after Petraeus for leaking memos

According to the Washington Post:

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and FBI Director James B. Comey listened as prosecutors did a mock run-through of the government’s case, a preview of how they would present their evidence to Petraeus’s lawyers in order, they hoped, to force a guilty plea.

The presentation included felony charges: lying to the FBI and violating a section of the Espionage Act. A conviction on either carried potentially years in prison.

They were also considering bringing the same charges against Petraeus’s biographer and former mistress, Paula Broadwell.

The government would never file those charges. Not everyone at Justice shared the prosecutors’ confidence, and lawyers for Petraeus and Broadwell separately pushed back hard, saying they would fight and beat the charges being considered. Moreover, with its mix of sex and government secrets, a trial promised to be an uncomfortably tawdry affair, one some in the government — as well as defense lawyers — preferred to avoid.

Petraeus, in the end, pleaded guilty last year to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified material. No charges were brought against Broadwell.

The Justice Department has never discussed how it reached its decision to accept a plea on the lesser charge. But six current and former U.S. officials, as well as others familiar with the case, provided the first detailed look at the internal debates and wrangling with Petraeus’s lawyers that took place before the retired four-star general entered his guilty plea in federal court in Charlotte. All spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private legal deliberations.

As part of the agreement, Pet­raeus admitted that he improperly removed and retained highly sensitive information in eight personal notebooks that he gave to Broadwell. The Justice Department said the information, if disclosed, could have caused “exceptionally grave damage.” 


Comey and Holder pressured Petraeus that he was guilty of a crime by giving his notes to someone else in order to get some sort of a guilty plea out of him.

This is exactly what Comey did — he gave his notes to Paula Broadwell who leaked information from them in a book titled “All In, The Education of General David Petraeus.”

Comey was certainly all in for pressing charges against Petraeus, and he did and as a result, Petraeus’s career was over.  If similar laws are used against Comey, he is facing time and a criminal record as well.

Jay Sekulow and other panelists  discussed Comey’s crimes on Hannity:

Now that we know that Comey is more than happy to use confidential government information and leak it to the press  (at least 9 ‘leaks’ are now linked to Comey) and Comey is also cunning enough to create bogus cases as a method of attacking those he does not like. The Petraeus case is an example, according to the Gateway Pundit.

On the other hand, if your name is Clinton then Comey was more than willing to look the other way. Former FBI Director James Comey was involved in at least four different Clinton scandals and in all cases, he let them off! Comey and his family at the same time benefitted from Clinton related matters.

This behavior is why Comey was fired.

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