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Disgusting! 24 Republicans Just Sided With Democrats To Hurt America


Democrats have said that the proposal is bigoted and unconstitutional. They won support from 24 GOP lawmakers to scuttle the amendment to the defense policy, according to Washington Post.

I’m sorry, gender reassignment surgeries…isn’t that the proper term they use these days? What is the world coming to?

The 214-209 vote on the House floor blocked an amendment by Rep. Vicky Hartzler, R-Mo. who correctly wanted to put a stop to this nonsense.

Hartzler argued on the floor during the debate that any money earmarked for the military should be used for only defense priorities.

“There are many problems, but funding transition surgeries with tax dollars is problematic because the surgery is very costly,” Hartzler said. “Surgical recovery time decreases the deployability of our soldiers, and funding transition surgeries means diverting money from other defense priorities.”

She added,

“We must have soldiers who can deploy if called upon. Military members undergoing transition surgery are non-deployable for up to 267 days. Similarly, regular hormone treatments render individuals non-deployable into the future. It makes no sense to create soldiers who are unable to fight and win our nation’s wars and unfair to non-transitioning individuals who must leave their families and deploy in their place.”

It’s hard to argue with that logic as it is when Hartzler reminded everyone the issue is not the rights of transgender service members, but America’s military needs.

Last I checked the army was all volunteer, so this is a real scandal.

Thanks to our good friends at BizPac Review we will proudly list the Republicans who joined the Democrats on this futile pursuit.

They are: Reps. Justin Amash and Jack Bergman of Michigan; Mike Coffman of Colorado; Barbara Comstock of Virginia; Paul Cook, Jeff Denham, Darryl Issa and Steve Knight of California; Ryan Costello, Charlie Dent, Brian Fitzpatrick and Bill Shuster of Pennsylvania; Carlos Curbelo and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida; John Faso, John Katko, Tom Reed, Elise Stefanik and Claudia Tenney of N.Y; Leonard Lance, Frank LoBiondo and Tom MacArthur of New Jersey; Brian Mast of Florida; and Dave Reichert of Washington.

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  1. Too many FAKE Republicans in office! Time to clean whole House and and put a Term Limits. It should show on books that way back no person was in seat over 3 years for fear up becoming corrupt ! That’s what happened there is NO Real Americans in Congress ,Senate ,house!

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