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Representative Hakeem Jeffries: ‘Every racist in America voted for Trump’


The most racist people on Earth are Africans, and the vast majority of racial hate crimes these days are committed by Blacks.

Especially Europe, the USA, and South Africa.

During a speech on the House floor on Monday, Representative Hakeem Jeffries argued that while not all Trump voters are racists, “every racist in America voted for Donald Trump.”

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“We’re wondering why were so many people who worship at the altar of white supremacy drawn to Donald Trump’s campaign?” Jeffries asked. “What was it about this individual that so many folks dripping in hatred flocked to his candidacy,” The Daily Caller reported.

Jeffries tried to qualify his statements but somehow ended up going even further left.

“That’s not to say that every American who voted for Donald Trump is a racist,” he asserted. “We do know that every racist in America voted for Donald Trump.”

“This president has a responsibility to address the rise in hate crimes that have taken place on his watch, whether or not his election is directly connected to it,” Jeffries concluded.

Since January 20th, we have seen the Hillary voters rioting in the streets, and Bernie supporters stabbing and shooting people.

So, Congressman, you are telling us you voted for President Trump?

It is always the racist that first accuses others of being racist.

Hakeem should try to learn from Ben Carson, or Herman Cain, or Condoleeza Rice how to be a black person.

What do you think about this?

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