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Iran vs Israel


If everybody knows that Iran poses an imminent existential threat to the world, why is no one stopping them?

What would a nuclear-armed Iran mean for America, Israel, and the world?

Should Israel wait for the possibility that the international community will come to our defense or should we take our fate into our own hands and take action now?

The fanatic Iranian Mullahs are seeking salvation for Islamic people through Armageddon. The Iranian form of Islam is not a religion of peace, it’s the religion of death and destruction. I feel sorry for the Iranian people who has been so brutally oppressed by their totalitarian autocratic regime!

How is it possible to remain sane in an insane world? Israel knows what the rest of the Western world is afraid to admit…

Iran is not the first nation that wanted to wipe out the Jews and take over the world.

If Israel doesn’t defend herself and all of the humanity who will?

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