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Lou Dobbs Says War Has Been Declared Against President Trump (Video)


President Trump is taking incoming fire from every direction.

This is a coordinated effort by Obama’s Deep State operatives and globalist shills to take down the America First president.

The enemy is the Democratic Party, liberals, RINOs, corporate media and the money behind them.

The fake news corporate media has upped their game and is now putting out EXTREME FAKE NEWS to support the unhinged rantings of Democrats like Maxine Waters crying Russia, Russia, Russia and impeach, impeach, impeach.

We are all living in an information war zone now.

This is the beginning of a critical time that we all must stand firm and support our President. He will not let us down and neither will be let him down!

As Lou Dobbs puts it, WAR has been declared against President Trump – time to suit up everyone, keep sharing information and supporting the best president this country has ever had.

Watch the video:

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  1. Sick of this………….no wonder nothing gets done. Where was all the outrage when Obama was selling us out to Iran and the Muslims? What about Hillary?????? Everyone stayed quiet and let them run this country into the ground and now we have a President that wants to do right by we, the citizens, and all they do is resist his every effort!! I hope Hillary runs again, so we can shove her ass down once again!

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