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Mad Max SHORT CIRCUITS While Attacking Trump During Live TV Interview (Video)

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Maxine “Mad Max” Waters is losing it and is totally embarrassing herself by continuing to lie about a Trump-Russia collision and impeachment.

As reality sets in with rational people that the Trump-Russia story is a double nothing-burger, Maxine steps up her game and puts crazy into overdrive.

She’s is so desperate to keep the fake story alive, to cover up the fact she has been lying about it for months now, she went into a hysterical meltdown and can’t get her words straight.

During another ridiculous MSNBC interview, Mad Max was stuttering and short circuiting as she worked to revive her Russia/Impeachment shtick.

Waters was questioned the patriotism of Trump supporters and said, “I just don’t understand why they don’t call it like it is and recognize that evidence is pouring in and it’s growing, or what—is matt—what, what is wrong with them, I just don’t quite understand,” she struggled to say.

Can you believe Maxine is who the Dems call the “fresh-faced leader” of the Democratic Party?

It’s fine. While she is out in public making a spectacle of herself with her nutty conspiracy theories, Omar Navarro is hard at work listening and talking to her constituents and vowing to take her down in 2018.

Watch the video:

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