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Muslim Man Disrupts Church Wedding by Shouting ‘Allah is great’


Muslim fanatic storms a Spanish wedding shouting ‘Allah is great’ as he ‘tries to assault the priest’ before being kicked out the church by groomsmen.

The 22-year-old man, who has not been named, was filmed charging at the altar as he disrupted the wedding ceremony at the Church of San Pablo, in Valladolid, and tried to throw liturgical objects and attack the priest, Mail Online reported.

The ceremony was stopped for 20 minutes as police arrested the man, who is now in custody awaiting court.

Video footage from the incident shows groomsmen trying to detain the man as he stood at the front of the church. Watch the video below!

The priest who officiated the wedding in front of about 100 guests said that the incident started when a ‘group of young troublemakers’ started making noise at the back of the church.

Suddenly, there was ‘a person shouting’ and the man charged the altar.

‘A lot of people, including the bride’s mother, were crying, and there were people who had already jumped out of the pews because we did not know whether this person came alone or not, or if he was armed,’ he told.

The priest said he couldn’t understand what the man was saying as he approached the altar, though other witnesses claimed to hear ‘Allah is great’.

He added that with the recent terror attack in London, he feared the man may have been armed.

Witnesses told the media site that the man appeared to be ‘between 20 and 30 years of age, brown features, a beard’, and ‘apparently had no weapon’.

They said that wedding guests tried to stop the man as he shouted ‘Allah is great’ and tried to assault the priest officiating the ceremony.

He was eventually taken outside the church, where he was arrested and taken into custody.

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