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Obama Flees to Non-Extradition Indonesia Right After Susan Rice Agrees to Testify

susan rice and barack obama unmasking

Barack Obama jetted off to Indonesia on Friday with his family for another luxury vacation.

However, it now sounds more like President Obama is officially hiding out, as he flew to non-extradition Indonesia right at the same time Susan Rice stated she was willing to testify before a closed hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee on her unmasking crime.

The fact that Obama decided to go to non-extradition Indonesia right when Rice announced she was willing to testify is very, very suspicious and shows that Obama is simply trying to stay away from testifying and criminal prosecution.

Conservative Tribune reports:

On Thursday night, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice announced that she will testify before the House Intelligence Committee in July as part of its investigation into the Trump/Russia 2016 election hacking investigation.

Her agreement to testify sent shockwaves throughout the political world. One person with close ties to Rice, however, seemed to ignore it altogether. Former President Barack Obama will continue to enjoy his (very lengthy) vacation, ABC News reported.

Obama is spending the next ten days in Indonesia, where he plans on visiting his childhood home of Jakarta. Obama lived in Jakarta from the age of 6 to 10.

It’s a little suspicious that Obama is jetting off right as his own adviser is testifying before an intelligence committee. The allegations that the Obama administration, including Rice, was behind the unmasking of individuals during the 2016 election is potentially one of the biggest scandals of Obama’s time in office.

CNN noted that Rice’s testimony will be behind closed doors, so we may never actually find out what she says to the committee, or more importantly, what she doesn’t say.

It is possible that Obama and Rice are in communication with each other while he is on vacation so that is how Obama is being kept up-to-date on these developments.


Do you find it suspicious that Obama chose to go to Indonesia at this time?

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