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Northeastern University Professor Jodi Beggs Attacks Barron Trump


Democrats always need to find someone who is easy to attack. One would think what type of example are they showing their children.

For the last eight years, the left was saying that presidential children were “off limits” when it comes to criticism.

But now different standards apply when it comes to President Trump’s family.

Barron caught social media attention on Sunday by wearing a ringer T-shirt that simply read “The Expert.”

The shirt, as unintentionally modeled by the First Son, became instantly popular, selling out within hours on the J. Crew website, FAITH FAMILY AMERICA reported.

On Monday, Northeastern University professor and behavioral economist Jodi Beggs replied on Twitter:

“Barron Trump is wearing a shirt that reads ‘The Expert’ and I just threw up in my mouth a little.”


Conservative media analyst Mark Dice took particular offense to her tweet, replying on Twitter, “Professor Jodi Beggs at @Northeastern University says 11-year-old Barron Trump makes her want to puke. University phone # 617-373-2000.”

He also wrote, “You come after Barron Trump, and we’re coming after your career! We’re lighting up phones, not just tweeting. You’re Fired!”

In her defense to other critics who found her tweet in poor taste, Beggs replied, “Hey Twitter, maybe, just maybe, I’m judging the people that bought him this item and let him wear it in a very public appearance.”


What is wrong with these idiots?

He is a child. When has the president’s child been subjected to such asinine talk?

I have no respect for Beggs or any other Dem who threatens a child.

What do you think about this?

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  1. Picking on an 11 year child! I don’t care what you think of his parents. Attack them you coward, not the poor child. If you have kids I hope someone returns the favor. You have a right to your opinion, but you are sounding ignorant when you say mean things about any child.

  2. She is a professor but a tackless one. She should be a bigger person to understand never include any child in politics. Now that she realized her career is in jeopardy. Haha.. who’s laughing now? If I were her she better start creating NEW & Improve resume. No excuse for your hurtful comments.

  3. This just goes to show how stupid some of the people teaching our young men and women are today this is the kind of shit they teach in college should be fired

  4. As a retired teacher I am baffeld how a teacher can asault a child with such cruel verbal statments. If she would do this to an 11 yr. old, how does she treat or talk to the young people she faces in her classes. It’s teachers like her that create negative opinions of the profrssion of teaching. SHAME ON HER.

  5. She needs to be FIRED without opening her mouth. Barron is a 10 year old child, come on Lady get a life! I am being nice calling her a lady but believe me they are other words for her. Leave our Family alone!!!!

  6. Any college professor who willingly chooses to debase in public any 11 year old child, regardless of whose family the child is from, does not deserve a job at any esteemed university. It is just not the role model I would want my college age kids to witness. Please fire Jodi Beggs – guilty of crude, public character assassination of a minor.

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