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PROTESTERS Disrupt Final Trump Assassination Play Yelling “LIBERAL HATE KILLS! GOEBBELS WOULD BE PROUD!” (Video)

2nd protester storms stage Julius Caesar

Performances of a rendition of Julius Caesar where an assassination of President Trump is depicted is still playing in Central Park after the shooting of GOP Rep. Scalise by a devout liberal Democrat.

These sorts of “performances” along with the violent rhetoric of celebrities and Democrat politicians have no doubt spurred the violence that is being taken out against Trump supporters nationwide.

Republican lawmakers who have no security detail protecting them are now highly concerned about more violence against them.

Recently Trump supporters were shot at while they were cruising down the interstate in Indiana while another woman was humiliated and mocked by Starbuck employees.

Trump supporters are in fear thanks to Democrat politicians, celebrities and the liberal media propagating lies, hate and fear among leftists.

Finally, some conservative Trump supporters have taken action and stormed the stage of the Trump assassination play yelling: “Stop liberal violence!” “Goebbels would be proud!” You’re a Nazi crowd!”

After Laura Lerner stormed the stage on June 16 along with Jack Posobiec interrupting from the crowd, the final performance on Sunday night saw another protester take the stage yelling “Goebbels would be proud!” and “Liberal Hate Kills!”

The patriotic protester was then escorted off stage by the police while the violent liberal crowd booed.

They want their assassination play!

Watch the video:

Later a 2nd protester stormed the stage yelling “Goebbels would be proud” and “CNN IS ISIS!”

2nd protester goebbels proud

Watch the Video:

H/T Gateway Pundit

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