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DESTROYED! Libtard Student Quickly Finds out It Was a Mistake to Bash Capitalism to This Prof (Video)


Finally, someone, Dr. Brook, descriptively articulated the economic and social reality of our global times in relation to the erroneous perceptions constantly RANTED by misinformed, entitled, cosplay mouthpieces sorely lacking in: solid factual economics expertise, historically significant social behaviors and labor changes throughout various times in different countries, and, any, if at all, real time depth of experience in the rapidly evolving world arena.

Dr. Yaron Brook, an Objectivist academic who is Executive Chairman of the Ayn Rand Institute, was confronted by a college student who complained about Chinese worker conditions in sweatshops.

He gives an epic answer to the claim that capitalism hurts poor workers in places like China.

Watch the video below!

Via IJR:

“You sit here in Europe, in your cushy middle-class chairs — I’m serious about this,” Brook lectures the college student. “And you wanna judge the African, or let’s take the Chinese cause that’s … you know an Apple, or an Indonesian so-called ‘sweatshop’ or whatever, and you wanna tell me that two bucks a day are not a dramatic improvement in their life?“ he said. ”It is.”

“And there’s no way for them to get to the point to be as rich as you are unless they go through that phase,” he said. ”And if you deny them the ability to make two bucks a day, by insisting the companies pay four, and therefore they withdraw completely from the market.”

“Because you know what?” he continued. “I’m not paying 600 bucks for this. I’ll pay 300 (bucks). And if I stop buying this, who suffers? That Chinese kid, who’s right now making, whatever, three bucks a day or whatever. Right? And his alternative is to go back to the farm and you know what they did on the farms? Forty years ago and the Chinese were all producing agriculture they were dying of starvation. Forty to 60 million Chinese died of starvation under Mao. Suddenly you’ve given them an opportunity to actually attain middle-classhood, to learn a skill, to have a profession, to make money to make themselves into something.”

A Yale University report in 2011 announced a historic decrease in global poverty following the rollback of socialism in nations such as Russia and China:

We are in the midst of the fastest period of poverty reduction the world has ever seen. The global poverty rate, which stood at 25 percent in 2005, is ticking downwards at one to two percentage points a year, lifting around 70 million people – the population of Turkey or Thailand – out of destitution annually. Advances in human progress on such a scale are unprecedented, yet remain almost universally unacknowledged.


Good to hear a smart professor once in awhile.

Liberals won’t understand that in a million years!!

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