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Trump Lashes Out at Hillary Clinton With His Latest Tweet


I think we need to fire that special prosecutor he was there for the whole Russian collusion theory and that has already been proven.

Time for him to go and start investigations on what Clinton/lynch/Obama did to our elections!

Our president pointed out that something needs to be done with Hillary’s crime  he questioned why his relations with Russia were being examined, while Hillary Clinton’s are not, in a series of tweets posted less than a day after a report said he is being investigated for attempted obstruction of justice.


Trump tweeted Thursday afternoon that while Hillary Clinton’s family and Democrats dealt with Russia, only his “non-dealings” are being investigated

As USA Supreme reported:

Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice.

Mueller is interviewing as early as this week three top intelligence officials as part of the probe, the Post reported, citing “five people briefed on the requests.”

A follow-up tweet from the president said “Crooked H” destroyed phones, “‘bleached’ emails,” and Bill Clinton met with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch days before Hillary was “cleared” of any wrongdoing in the scandal involving her private email server.

Earlier in the day, following the Post’s report, Trump tweeted that we are witnessing the “single greatest witch hunt in American political history.”

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