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President Trump Introduces Woman Imprisoned by Castro Regime


President Trump brought the house down yesterday! He received several standing ovations. He was speaking to a group of some of the most loyal citizens in the country: the Cuban-Americans in Miami.

He flew to Cuba on Friday to reverse Barack Obama’s deal that gave millions of US dollars to Cuba.

While there, Trump halted his speech to do something epic for a female audience member, Mr. Conservative reported.

Watch the video below!

During his speech, President Trump invited Carrie Roquet, a woman who was wrongly imprisoned by Castro for 15 years, to come onstage with him.

She became emotional as she embraced the president, and then Trump did something that nobody saw coming. He stepped aside, and let Roquet speak to the crowd.

“Thank you, Mr. President. Thank you to all the Cubans who fight for Cuban liberty,” she said.

“Mr. President, on behalf of all the Cuban people, the people inside my eyes, my homeland, thank you, thank you, and we appreciate your love.”

What a precious moment!

We can see how much this woman speaks for the People of Cuba.

Trump shows us his true heart again. He has a good heart, a good soul, I believe he will be our Best President.

But, we must be very diligent about how the political elite is trying to slip in a ‘new world order’.

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  1. The president of USA, the Honorable Donald J. Trump proved the best since occupying the most prestigious post as a president and would be the best for good

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