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Trump Supporters Celebrated “All American Pet Photo Day” Online Sharing Photos of MAGA Pets

all american pet photo day trump maga

Trump supporters celebrated “All American Pet Photo Day” by sharing photos of their Trump supporting pets wearing MAGA gear today.

Scroll down to see a few our favorite MAGA pets below.

They are totally patriotic and adorable!

About All American Pet Photo Day

All American Pet Photo Day is observed annually on July 11th. Charge your camera and be prepared to take adorable pictures of your pets! Whether they are four-legged furry kind or come from more serpentine of the animal species, click away. Fishes and birds, pigs and equine, canine and feline should all get in line for their favorite pose. If they are friends, take a few snapshots of them together! On All American Pet Photo Day, every pet gets included.


On All American Pet Photo Day celebrate your pet by taking some creative memory-making photos of your pet. Pictures can be of them playing, sleeping, acting goofy, or dressed up. Pictures can be put into a photo album, refrigerator, work desk, or posted on the Internet.

Over 1/2 of U.S. households have a pet. The most common pet in the USA are dogs followed closely by cats. The most common specialty animal is fish. According to a Forbes.com 2007 article “The combined total of cats and dogs in the U.S. is estimated at 163 million, or more than one for every two people.” and “Colorado Springs, Colo., tops our list of America’s Most Pet-Friendly Cities”.

How To Observe

Dress them up, take them to the park, set them in a chair, put them on a fancy pillow or whatever your imagination creates for a special photograph of your loved ones.

Better still, in this age of political upheaval dress them as President Trump or other political figures.

Post your pictures on social media using hashtag #AllAmericanPetPhotoDay.

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