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Old Lady Unleashes on NYC’s Libtard Mayor De Blasio for Being “Terrible,” He Gives Cowardly Response (Video)


Mayor Bill de Blasio is used to sparring with other political figures.

A CBS reporter compared Mayor Bill de Blasio to the “cowardly lion” from The Wizard of Oz after he fled a confrontation on Thursday with a feisty 63-year-old mother from Queens.

The woman single-handedly brought Wrestlemania to the streets of Whitestone. But her opponent was neither The Hulk nor The Rock, he was more like the Cowardly Lion from the “Wizard of Oz,” according to CBS New York.

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“I want to know why you let your police officers down and our country down by going to Germany and protesting against our country,” she demanded.

“I want to know why you are doing that! OK? I don’t care about the trees!”

The mayor was in Whitestone to announce new funding to fix city sidewalks damaged by tree roots.

Vickie Paladino was driving by an ordered her husband to stop the car. She pounced as the mayor was leaving. He started to walk toward her, but when he heard what she was saying, he simply fled, taking refuge in his SUV as Paladino kept it up.

“I don’t care about the trees,” she shouted. “Pay your police officers and stop spending it on money to go protest against our country.”

“Why did you go to Germany? Why did you stand with the communists, the anarchists, the socialists when you’re supposed to be here,” she said. “Taking care of our business, our police officers.”

She was referring to de Blasio’s controversial trip to speak at a protest rally in Germany only hours after NYPD Det. Miosotis Familia was killed.

She was also furious about his high-handed treatment of her. She said the mayor turned to his security detail and said, “very quietly — you need to get this woman away from me or get me away from this woman.”

Political consultants say that for a man seeking reelection, that was a big mistake.

“It’s the wrong strategy. It’s a bad attitude, frankly. When you’re the mayor, you serve the people. When you run into the public and they may not agree with you, you still have to deal with them,” political consultant O’Brien Murray said. “How you handle that is really indicative of how you treat all voters.”

It seems Paladino’s visit with de Blasio has given her a taste for politics. When asked whether she would ever think of running for mayor, she replied “absolutely.”

Bravo! DeBlasio proved that he is more interested in the globalization agenda than supporting the law enforcement that keeps NYC safe.

When he turns his back on his constituents, he sent a clear message he isn’t fit for public office. He isn’t above them, he is their servant.

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