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“The View” debated the fallout from Trump’s feud with Mika and Joe


We all know The View and their liberal hosts! They use every opportunity to slam Trump, since the beginning of his campaign but this time host Joy Behar took things a step further!

Left-wing comedian Joy Behar took aim at President Trump  For Bashing Mika Brzezinski.

Joy Behar kicked off the discussion by saying Trump’s administration has had to “find a way to spin” the situation because “even Republicans like Paul Ryan are starting to turn on him.”

She quipped, “He’s like President Dracula at this point.

Megyn Kelly was bleeding from who knows where. [Brzezinski’s now] bleeding,” Gossip Cop reported.

Faris argued, “If he’s going to be offended by Kathy Griffin and Johnny Depp, then he should be offended by himself… If you’re going to claim you’re Christian, you have to turn the other cheek.”

Sunny Hostin declared, “I want to hear from Ivanka,” specifically because Trump commented on another woman’s appearance. Sara Haines joked that the First Daughter hasn’t commented because she “tries to stay out of politics,” a nod to a hot topic from earlier in the week.

Jedediah Bila noted she tweeted Ivanka and pointed out that Melania Trump is standing by her husband. She went on to say, “What I find interesting is all the Republicans are coming out saying this is unacceptable. But his people from within his administration are justifying it.”

Responded Hostin, “He’s surrounding himself with people who will say what he wants them to say. He has given them their marching orders, and people should be worried by that.”

The lawyer noted how Abraham Lincoln favored having “enemies” around him because “you need a reality check. You don’t need yes people all around you.”

But Behar said, “I don’t think he cares about anything he says and he does… They’re not going to impeach him because the Republicans are behind him.”

Too bad she’s not as funny as she thinks she is!

I feel sorry for this Lady. She honestly seems so full of hate. Her obsession with the Trumps merits therapy.

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  1. Joy Behar doesn’t the difference between being laughed with or laughed
    at, the latter being more the case. When she hears lafture she actually thinks she id funny, NOT

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