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Watch Crazy Welfare Skank Attack White Man! (Video)


It’s ok when a black person is racist to a white person. But if it’s a white person being racist to a black person we have every liberal media attacking him for rascism!

If the “Trump Effect” is businesses bringing jobs back to America because they’re afraid of getting on the president’s bad side, then what you see in the following video should be described as the “Obama Effect.”

For eight loooooong years, Obama encouraged people like this trashy welfare queen to see themselves as entitled and to view “white folks” as their enemy.

Scroll down to watch video below.

It’s going to take some time for this lunatic behavior to abate.

In the meantime, expect unprovoked confrontations like this to continue.

The guy actually asked her whether she’s going to pay, but she ignored him and then when he went to the cash register because she just stood there – she started giving him the whole “you better not” nonsense. She basically CREATED the whole scenario and acted offended because she wanted to be offended by something. Atrocious.

And hope that enough people of sound mind respond like this guy:

“How did it feel when you killed me at two years old”, clearly this woman has mental issues or is on drugs. The guy knew she was a bit off, that’s why he didn’t react to her.

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  1. I think the gentleman handled the situation perfect. No one knows what type of day/life she has had and it is apparent she has issues. Unfortunately, some snowflakes/Libtard just what to fuck with you and get a reaction then they have an excuse to whine and wee-wee all the way home.

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