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White Privilege Demolished With One Brutal Chart

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An economics professor at the University of Michigan, Mark Perry, tweeted a chart with data from the U.S. Census Bureau which demolishes arguments that the U.S. is too racist to be “the land of opportunity.”

The chart demonstrates how “white privilege” really works when it comes to income, listing median household wages by ethnicity.

Americans have become used to hearing that white Americas are systematically racist, allowing only white people to thrive.

The chart shows a startling result as median household income for “whites” is far below 17 other ethnic groups.

If institutional racism is systematically holding people of color back, then why doesn’t the census reflect that?

Why don’t we hear from liberals how the 17 other ethnic groups are holding white people down?

The notion that everyone with more money than you are against you is old and worn out in America, but liberals manage to convince millions of minorities that it is true when white people have more money than they do.

This chart suggests that people of a variety of ethnic backgrounds are thriving in the U.S.A.

Nigerians, Palestinians, Iranians, and Chinese Americans are just a few of the 17 ethnic backgrounds listed in the chart whose median income was higher than white Americans.

Indian Americans topped the chart with a whopping $103,821 median income.

This clearly shows that, yes, America is still a land of opportunity.