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Yellowstone Supervolcano Could ‘Rip the Guts Out of the USA’ – Unusual Rise In Seismic Activity Last 7 Days


There Have Been 296 Earthquakes In The Vicinity Of The Yellowstone Supervolcano Within The Last 7 Days

Is it possible that the Yellowstone supervolcano is gearing up for a major eruption? If you follow my work on a regular basis, then you already know that I spend a lot of time documenting how the crust of our planet is becoming increasingly unstable. Most of this shaking is taking place far away from the continental United States, and so most Americans are not too concerned about it. But we should be concerned about it, because a major seismic event could change all of our lives in a single instant. For instance, a full-blown eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano would have the potential of being an E.L.E. (extinction level event). That is why it is so alarming that there have been 296 earthquakes in the vicinity of the Yellowstone supervolcano within the last 7 days. Scientists are trying to convince us that everything is going to be okay, but there are others that are not so sure.

The biggest earthquake in this swarm occurred last Thursday evening. It was initially measured to be a magnitude 4.5 earthquake, but it was later downgraded to a 4.4. It was the biggest quake in the region since a magnitude 4.8 earthquake struck close to Norris Geyser Basin in March 2014. This magnitude 4.4 earthquake was so powerful that people felt it as far away as Bozeman

The main quake was centered about 5.8 miles underground.

The quake and aftershocks occurred just over 8 miles northeast from West Yellowstone, according to the U.S. Geological Service.

A witness reported that she felt the building she was in move.

Dozens of people reported that they felt it in and around West Yellowstone, Gardiner, Ennis, and Bozeman.

But by itself that one quake would only be of minor concern. What is troubling many of the experts is that this earthquake has been accompanied by 295 smaller ones.

There is normally a rise in seismic activity before a volcano erupts, and according to theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, a long overdue eruption at Yellowstone could “rip the guts out of the USA”…

Scientists currently believe that there’s a 10% chance that a “supervolcanic Category 7 eruption” could take place this century, as pointed out by theoretical physicist Michio Kaku who appeared on a segment for Fox News.

The grey haired physicist told Shepard Smith that the “danger” we are now facing with the caldera is that it’s long overdue for an eruption which Kaku said could “rip the guts out of the USA.”

Kaku said that a “pocket of lava” located under the park has turned out to be twice as big as scientists originally thought.

I would like to try to describe for you what a full-blown eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano would mean for this country.

Hundreds of cubic miles of ash, rock and lava would be blasted into the atmosphere, and this would likely plunge much of the northern hemisphere into several days of complete darkness. Virtually everything within 100 miles of Yellowstone would be immediately killed, but a much more cruel fate would befall those that live in major cities outside of the immediate blast zone such as Salt Lake City and Denver.

Hot volcanic ash, rock and dust would rain down on those cities literally for weeks. In the end, it would be extremely difficult for anyone living in those communities to survive. In fact, it has been estimated that 90 percent of all people living within 600 miles of Yellowstone would be killed.

Experts project that such an eruption would dump a layer of volcanic ash that is at least 10 feet deep up to 1,000 miles away, and approximately two-thirds of the United States would suddenly become uninhabitable. The volcanic ash would severely contaminate most of our water supplies, and growing food in the middle of the country would become next to impossible.

In other words, it would be the end of our country as we know it today.

The rest of the planet, and this would especially be true for the northern hemisphere, would experience what is known as a “nuclear winter”. An extreme period of “global cooling” would take place, and temperatures around the world would fall by up to 20 degrees. Crops would fail all over the planet, and severe famine would sweep the globe.

In the end, billions could die.

So yes, this is a threat that we should take very seriously.

But today, most Americans think of Yellowstone as little more than a fun tourist attraction. But the truth is that many tourists have discovered just how dangerous Yellowstone can be. Some have been scalded by boiling water from geysers that can get as hot as 250 degrees Fahrenheit, and one man from North Carolina recently had to be flown to a burn center after he mistakenly fell into a hot spring

A North Carolina man was flown to the University of Utah Burn Center after falling into a hot spring at Yellowstone National Park late Tuesday night.

Gervais Dylan Gatete, 21, was with seven other people in the Lower Geyser Basin north of Old Faithful when he fell, according to a park news release.

The group attempted to transport Gatete, an employee with Xanterra Parks and Resorts, by car for medical treatment. Just before midnight, they flagged down a park ranger near Seven Mile Bridge on the West Entrance Road.

Since Yellowstone is still very active, scientists assure us that it will erupt again one day.

And when that happens, all of our lives will be completely turned upside down in a single moment.

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  1. You guys are just distracted. It’s all about man made global warming …. just DENIERS! (hey forget about Yellowstone, just jump on the gravy train man! get with da PROGRAMMM)

  2. I have a feeling Fukashima has a lot to do with this. I think it is still pouring into the Pacific. They never contained it…

    • The masses in country could not tolerate a deeper level of stupidity. Well perhaps they could they wouldn’t know the difference but I really could not tolerate it

  3. Natural not climate change but small amount of cool water and super hot molten rock can cause small explosions Figure more small quakes from Fracking Scientusts quite though

    • You are joking right the EPA will tell you they can’t help you because the mirrors in your bathroom are 1/4 inch to high.

  4. Excellent points Debbie! If you follow USGS Earthquake monitoring +25 earthquakes of magnitude 2.5 hit Yellowstone every year. But all these posts of Democrats trashing Republicans and vice versa show an adolescent mentality: if Yellowstone blows there won’t be any Democrats or Republicans left to trash talk each other.

      • Ha. Me too. It might be refreshing to have no CNN.fox.NBC.CBS. panels to bore us nightly. Of course, there will be no food.power.light.or life. Hmmmmm…..

  5. So drop a few nukes right now on it to release the pressure. Some damage done yes, but not the worst outcome.

  6. agreed. Born and raised in California and thinking I would never leave….things changed. I finally fled in 2003 and live in Virginia. I honestly don’t miss anything except Good Mexican food and In And Out burgers

  7. Yes on the good Mexican food, and IN & OUT Burgers, Awesome. What happened to having Faith in our Heavenly Father that all will be well if we just believe in him. Yes we need to keep working on bringing our wonderful world back to normal. Like the Climate change, but before we can do that we need to work on not being so against one another. We can make great changes with the power of the people but to not come together just because a Democrat or a Republican, said or did it, so there fore we are against it. We all need to UNITE with one another and work on one project at a time to figure it out for all. There is no I in TEAM, so lets all start working together as a TEAM to make our world better again. Forget the names, start with the name TEAM. And with prayer, and Heavenly Father we can do this. Yes it states in the Bible that there will be earthquakes, and darkness, but if we are following Heavenly Fathers word we will all be just fine. You really need to have Faith.

  8. … and the rest of the planet would finally have a chance to survive as the most greedy, disgusting, earth-eating, polluting, war-mongering cancer/civilization to have ever plagued this earth, the USA, is finally killed off, much to the joy and sustenance of all other forms of life.

  9. And what God do we need? The Christian God? The Israeli God? The Muslim God? Or one of the many Gods of the East? Your God is not the only one believed in; even the Pope has talked about the Judeo-Christian God, and how the three religions of Abraham all share the same God. Yet here are the Christians at war with the Muslims who are at war with the Jewish people. I can only imagine that God is very mad at billions of Earth’s inhabitants. But this talk of a God in this thread is ridiculous; this is science, and if Yellowstone goes, most of the US will be destroyed, and it won’t matter how prepared you are. If you have faith I hope your a God takes you to a better place.

    • There is only one God, Annie, if you do the time to research, you can see where the different “races” came from, All stem from Abraham, his wife sarah and her hand maiden. Abraham had a son with the hand maiden who was sent away from Abraham’s camp, That was Ishmael, he became the father of the Arab race. Abraham had a son with his wife Sarah, his name was Isaac. He became the father of the tribes of Israel. If you follow the history of the descendants of Isaac, through the house of David, you will arrive at the birth and life of Jesus Christ, as was prophesied throughout the old testaments and by the prophets. Jesus was God made Man, he came to earth to walk among men and to be the perfect sacrifice for our sins, that would be the New Testament Dispensation, the culmination of the prophesies of the old Testament and our Savior, who bought our salvation with a great price. So, you have three major sects, Muslim, followers of their Prophet Muhammed, and the Koran, if you take time to study, you will find a pervert of the first order that advocated perversions and atrocities beyond belief. Israel, still based on the old Testament and still waiting for the prophesies to be fulfilled, and Christians, followers of Jesus Christ, the Savior and fulfillment of the OT prophesies and our redeemer. Perversion on the one hand, disbelief and waiting on another, and followers of the true redeemer, Jesus Christ, or Christians, Science is so flawed, God is all powerful,

  10. Read The Revelation in the Bible. During the tribulation there will be several gigantic natural disasters that shake the earth and kill millions of people. Jesus will have called His church home before it happens. My advice: get saved!

  11. Living within 100 miles…I expect to be gone immediately. Not really scared because of my faith. I don’t really feel like there is anything anyone can do about it. I believe God has a plan and can do what needs to happen. It would make sense for the end times. Living each day the best I can is all I can do at this point.

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