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About 20,000 Muslims attend the Eid-Ul-Fitr prayer service in Anaheim


Name one positive thing Muslims bring to our communities? Name ONE Country where Muslims are Majority that is peaceful?

Like termites under the house, they will spread and eventually bring your house down. We know their intentions. No secrets here.

About 20,000 Muslims showed up to Angel’s Stadium in Anaheim, California and the entire stadium had to go on lockdown to keep people safe. The reason for the fury has been revealed- a celebration of the end of their month of domination and jihad – also known as Ramadan.

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ANAHEIM A parade of diversity that is Islam in Southern California was on full display at Angel Stadium on Sunday for the annual Eid prayer celebration, The OCR reported.

Signaling the end of Ramadan, a period of fasting and reflection, Eid-a-fitr is a festive, worldwide celebration in Islam. In Orange County, a crowd of about 20,000 filled the stadium’s field and spilled into the stands for Southern California’s largest Eid prayer service. Several regular attendees said this year’s gathering was the biggest crowd they had seen.

The field was filled with a symphony of languages and cultures from the Middle East, Asia, Africa and the United States. Attendees were of all ages. The garb and style covered a swath of colors and East-meets-West combinations, such as the man wearing neon colored sunglasses and tennis shoes with his kufti hat.

There were young men in three-piece suits with women with modern hairdos and dresses, and older men with beards and traditional thobe and abaya garments and women with hijabs and burkas.

California continues to get uglier and uglier and ultimately they really have to leave the rest of this country before they pull the entire country down.

They don’t act like Americans, they do not protect this country, their Liberal efforts reflect negatively on the rest of us.

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