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Defiant America is your political, government, economic, cultural and science news discussion site. We are not a news source, but rather a site that discusses current events we find in news publications, magazines, blogs, and social media.

Defiant America strives to be a loud voice across this great nation in defiance of the far left’s attacks on our liberties, including self defense, Christianity, keeping what we earn, free speech, protection against illegal search and seizure, due process, free market capitalism and property rights. Without these fundamental rights, we only have faux liberty.

We have the right to our own life, our own personal liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without being encumbered by a socialist government who wants to take what we earn and distribute it to others. The constitution does not authorize government to take our rights and ration them back to us, it only authorizes government to protect our rights.

The reality is, most politicians are only concerned with raising money for a campaign and in turn, cutting favors for their paymasters when they win. They are not concerned with liberty for the common man. At no risk to themselves, they spend other people’s money for their campaigns, while telling one group of people they are going to take money from another group of people and give it to them. They are promising your money to buy votes from people!

The current election processes are perverted and we must defy politicians, parties, groups and corporations that operate in despicable ways to win elections.

Join with us to put Americans First and shun politicians and groups who sell our sweat & blood to buy votes from foreigners who are here illegally; to buy votes from immature, lazy people, who reject authority; and to buy votes from groups who want to force people to accept their fantasies as reality. Reality is clear—you either work for a living or you are stealing from the taxpayers.

Hard working men and woman are the life of our country and they deserve every penny they earn. Rewarding people for not working, on the backs of those who work hard, is slavery. Just as Democrats stole the lives of slaves to receive easy wealth, they now steal money through taxation to receive easy votes.

God bless those who stand firm and put God, family and America first!

You may contact us at contact@DefiantAmerica.com

Alternatively, you may contact us at DefiantAmerica@protonmail.com if you prefer to email us securely from your protonmail email. All whistleblowers will remain anonymous and we will never divulge who you are to anyone.