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After Arnold Schwarzenegger Said “Screw Your Freedom” To The American Patriots, Images Resurface And Reveal That The Actor’s Father Was Nazi Storm Trooper In WWII

The “Terminator” film icon and former governor of California spoke via YouTube Wednesday to urge people to follow the rules and get vaccinated.

“There is a virus here — it kills people,” the Schwarzenegger said, “and the only way we prevent it is get vaccinated, get masks, do social distancing, washing your hands all the time, and not just to think about ‘well my freedom is being kind of disturbed here.’ No, screw your freedom.”

The 74-year-old actor was part of a panel with CNN’s Alex Vindman and Bianna Golodryga to discuss misinformation and COVID-19 policy.
Arnold Schwarzenegger said the only way out of this pandemic is to get vaccinated, social distance and wear masks.

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Yes, this is the same Alexander Vindman who was born in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic and testified during the Schiff impeachment show trial that Ukraine asked him to be their Defense Minister “three times.”

Lt. Col Vindman should have faced a court-martial for showing he was more loyal to Ukraine, but since we have a two-tiered justice system, he’s out slinging books and telling Americans they don’t have freedom.

But he is not the only traitor because Arnold’s father was a nazi stormtrooper that hated freedom too!

Gustav Schwarzenegger was indeed a member of the Nazi party; he voluntarily applied for membership in 1938.

Gustav Schwarzenegger was indeed a member of the Sturmabteilungen, also known as the “storm troopers” or “brownshirts.” He joined the SA on May 1, 1939, according to the entry in the archive file — about six months after the storm troopers helped launch Kristallnacht, the Night of the Broken Glass, when Jewish homes, businesses and synagogues were attacked across Germany and Austria and thousands of Jews were hauled off to concentration camps.

The Austrian documents also show that Gustav Schwarzenegger served with German Army units that saw some of the most brutal bloodshed of World War II, including the invasions of Poland and France and the German rampage through Russia and the siege of Leningrad.

Gustav Schwarzenegger was made a master sergeant with the Feldgendarmerie, the military police known by the nickname Chained Dogs, apparently from the metal links they wore around their necks as part of the uniform. Although they were police units, many served as combat troops, always on the front line, and were used to suppress civilian populations for the advancing German army.

According to the records, Gustav Schwarzenegger received a great deal of medical attention, and may have been wounded. At some point he contracted malaria. He left the army in 1943.

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He also praised Hitler’s speaking abilities but decided to clarify his words decades later!

The 60-year-old actor’s controversial comments about Hitler occurred during a discussion with George Butler about four decades ago while filming scenes for the 1977documentary Pumping Iron.

In his autobiography Total Recall: My Unbelievably TrueLife Story, Schwarzenegger revisits the episode: “I philosophised that only a few men are born to lead, while the rest of humanity is born to follow, and went from that into discussing history’s great conquerors and dictators. I admired Hitler’s speaking ability, though not what he did with it.”