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Antifa Exposed as Violent at the Berkeley Trump Rally (Video)

Antifa exposed as violent

Hundreds of Trump supporters gathered at the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in Downtown Berkeley, on Saturday for a “Patriots Day” rally.

The rally was disrupted by many black-clad, face-covered counter-demonstrators waving red-and-black anarchy flags who attacked Trump supporters and threw rocks, bottles, bricks and even M-80s.

The violent counter-protesters identified themselves as “Antifa” which stands for Anti-fascism. Oddly enough, they use violence to shut down free speech but don’t consider themselves as fascists.

According to the Los Angeles Times, 250 police officers were deployed to the scene. Initially, the sides were separated by makeshift orange plastic barriers, but confrontations soon escalated.

Sixteen people were arrested, Officer Jennifer Coats of the Berkeley Police Department told the Times. Nine people were injured, with six taken to a hospital for treatment, including one stabbing victim, she said.

AJ Alegria, 31, of Sacramento, told the Times he came to Berkeley to help defend Trump supporters and was surrounded by a dozen protesters in black masks who he said attacked him with sticks and pepper spray.

“These people create violence all the time… somebody has to stand up to them,” said Alegria, who was injured in the fight and treated by Trump supporters who bandaged his head, washed off the pepper spray and gave him encouragement, saying, “You’ve earned your stripes, bro.”

Another Trump supporter, Ben Bergquam of Fresno, was also bloodied as the melee moved from the park up Center Street toward the UC Berkeley campus. He held a crumpled “Stop Liberal Intolerance” sign in his hand.

“I got hit in the back of the head with some sticks,” Bergquam told the San Francisco Chronicle as another activist wrapped gauze around his wound. “I don’t agree with everything Trump says, but I don’t agree with violence.”

Naturally, the Antifa are appearing in the media making claims they were the one’s being attacked by Trump supporters and playing the victims. Many media outlets are spinning it the same because any opportunity they can find to blame anything on Trump supporters, that is what they will do.

In the midsts of the Antifa, Joey Salads was on the scene and he recorded a different picture than what Antifa would have you to believe.

Salads is known for creating video pranks and social experiments, but this video is no prank, he was simply recording the activities going on at the Berkely rally.

Watch the video:

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