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As Kamala Arrives At The Border 800 Miles From The Crisis Epicenter Latino Protestors Are Waiting To Greet Her Holding Hilarious Cardboard Signs (Video)

90 Days since she was tapped as the point person on the Border by the Biden Administration, Kamala Harris finally visits the border. Her performance in this arena has been so bad, even far-left publications are critical of her actions:

The liberal Los Angeles Times said Vice President Kamala Harris has been ineffective in her role only five months after fawning over her so hard that the paper’s coverage was labeled “inappropriate and disappointing.”

The L.A. paper was ridiculed on social media in January when it announced “Covering Kamala Harris,” a project described as “a beat dedicated to her historic rise to the White House” that was loaded with complimentary content.

The funny thing is that she arrived 800 miles from the crisis epicenter.

Harris’ trip has already faced criticism because she is going to El Paso and not the Rio Grande, which is where a large majority of the crossings take place.

Former Department of Homeland Secretary Chad Wolf said: ‘While it’s certainly positive that she is taking this step, I am disappointed that she is not going to the Rio Grande Valley – the very epicenter of this crisis.

‘Instead, she is going to El Paso, a metropolitan area 800-1,000 miles away from the RGV. Hopefully, Harris’ trip will be a working visit, not just border security tourism.’

According to Border Patrol statistics, the Rio Grande Valley has seen nearly two-and-a-half times more illegal crossings than in El Paso.

Agents in the Rio Grande Valley apprehended 271,927 people, compared to 113,824 in El Paso, in May, the data says.

But another video that was sent to us this morning shows a group of Latino protesters with hilarious cardboard signs trolling Kamala Harris.

The video was ignored by most of our mainstream media as it shows that the Latino population is also against Biden/Harris administration and their open border policy.

Video below:

As a photo of a local reporter shows both left and right protestors/organizers have finally found the thing that unites them: their dislike of the current administration.

Kamala Harris also alleged that this isn’t her first border visit.

When asked why she chose now to visit, she said: ‘Well, it’s not my first trip. I’ve come to the border many times. I said back in March I was going to come to the border so this is not a new plan’.

Video below:

What do you think about Kamala’s “work” as the “border Czar”?

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