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In Austria, Muslim Refugees Either INTEGRATE or GET BOOTED OUT

Burqa fines are a good thing

The Austria is now doing their best to deal with their migrant crisis by imposing fines on Muslim women who are caught wearing burqas concealing their face in public and requiring refugees to integrate into Austrian culture or leave.

At least 90,000 migrants, mostly from Muslim-majority countries outside Europe, have arrived in Austria since 2015.

Austria is on the right track, but sadly, for the rest of Europe, it may be too late.

RT reports:

A controversial integration law that will fine women for wearing face-concealing Islamic dress from October, and deprive of benefits migrants who fail to take language lessons has officially been enacted, after being rubberstamped by the President.

“Those who are not prepared to accept Enlightenment values will have to leave our country and society,” reads the text of the law that drew thousands of protesters to the streets earlier this year, before it was passed by a centrist coalition last month.

Women who will wear Islamic veils – either the burqa or the niqab – in public places, will face a fine of €150 ($168).

More generally, newcomers who expect to stay in Austria, will need to enroll in a 12-month “integration course,” which includes German language lessons, if they are to receive their welfare benefits.

They will also be expressly forbidden from distributing incendiary radical materials, and are encouraged to volunteer before they can get their work permits, so that they are better prepared for life in the workplace.

More than 90,000 people have arrived in the Central European country since the start of the migrant crisis in 2015, most of them from Muslim-majority countries outside of Europe.

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