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Bear Ambushed A Brave Hiker On A Mountain Hilltop – The Hiker Shows The Bear Who’s The Boss (Video)

When mountain climbing isn’t dangerous enough, add another life-threatening element — an attacking bear … a terrifying encounter the climber captured on video.

Heart-stopping footage shows the brave climber fighting for his life after he came across the angry bear.

The climber miraculously survived after the scary interaction that happened earlier this month.

The man came across the animal, who charged at him seemingly defending her cub.

The dramatic clip shows how the climber was forced to defend himself, punching, kicking and screaming- all while clinging onto a rockface.

While he is able to fight it off, the bear keeps returning and charging at him.

After about 30 seconds, the bear ran off with its cub in tow, disappearing into the brush.

Video below:

The climber says he’s trained in karate and mixed martial arts, and it might’ve saved his life.

He’s an American citizen that lives in Japan for several years and the shocking footage was taken at Mt. Futago in Japan.

Last month a nine-year-old boy was mauled by a grizzly bear during a hunting trip in Alaska.

The boy was freed after a male relative, 41, shot the beast, but he got seriously injured in the attack.

Another man was attacked by a grizzly bear in Montana in front of his wife last week.

The 51-year-old hunter from Washington state who was charged by the 677-pound bear managed to escape with minor injuries.