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Berlin May Outlaw Billboards Featuring Beautiful Women Who Look Dumb, Crazy or Emotional

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Berlin, Germany is considering banning advertisements that portray beautiful women as “weak,” “hysterical,” “dumb,” “insane,” “naive,” or “completely controlled by their emotions.”

Add to this, adverts that give the impression that “the sexes aren’t equal” like a woman barely clothed while smiling for no reason next to a man fully clothed.

I guess Germany is doing so well they have people in Berlin who have nothing else better to do but to come up with nonsense like this to control people from having a different opinion or taste.

I can already see lawsuits against whoever decides what a “dumb looking” woman is and what isn’t by companies that feel they are being discriminated against in favor of competitors who are getting away with advertisements with dumber looking women than they are.


Daily Caller reports:

The left-wing political governing coalition in Berlin, Germany wants to outlaw billboard advertisements that show beautiful women who look stupid.

Berlin’s government coalition already agreed last year to a ban on sexist ads on municipally-owned billboards, reports The Local, an English-language news site out of Germany.

The government — run by the Social Democrats, the Left Party and the Green Party — now wants to expand the ban to all billboards. As such, it must come up with a definition for the sexist advertising to be banned.

The Left Party wants the billboard ban to include images of attractive women who appear “weak, hysterical, dumb, insane, naive, or completely controlled by their emotions,” according to The Local.

The Left Party also wants to outlaw images in which “a woman is barely dressed and smiling without reason, while a man is completely and comfortably clothed.” Such advertising showing scantily-clad women beside dressed men suggests that “the sexes aren’t equal.”

The Green Party and the Social Democrats have indicated their support for the Left Party’s advertising protocol.

Other political parties in Berlin oppose the proposed definition for sexist billboards.

The Christian Democrats, a more conservative party, countered that the government has “no right to interfere in the free market,” according to The Local.

The Free Democrats, a liberal party, says billboards “protected through laws on freedom of expression.”


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