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Biden Supporter’s Attempt to Prove Jill Biden’s Beauty Backfires Hilariously with Old Photo Compared to Melania’s

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are both facing different approval ratings, but what about their wives?

Former first lady Melania Trump dominated headlines at the end of the Trump presidency when she left the White House with the worst popularity rating for any first lady at the end of her term.

The numbers were a rarity. First ladies historically benefit from a higher favorability than their husbands. Those who have held the position, which is unelected, less visible, and normally uncontroversial, are typically well-liked by the American people.

But polls suggest that trend may be in the past. As the nation has grown increasingly polarized, so too, have their opinions about the first lady.

A YouGov poll conducted in November 2023 found that 31 percent say first lady Jill Biden is “poor” or “below average,” compared to 25 percent who said she is “outstanding” and 28 percent who describe her as “average.”

The recent figures suggest that she’s become less popular over time. After the first six months of the Biden presidency, a CNN poll found that 29 percent had an unfavorable opinion of Jill Biden and that 46 percent had a favorable opinion of her. And although her disapproval remained unchanged a year and a half into her term, the number of Americans who said they liked the first lady fell by more than double digits to 34 percent.

While Melania Trump entered the White House with a fairly low approval rating, 36 percent pre-inauguration, she quickly won over the American public. Just a month into her husband’s presidency, Melania’s favorability rating shot up 16 points to 52 percent, CNN polling shows.

That number only continued to climb from there. About a year and a half into her term, shortly after Melania Trump attended the late First Lady Barbara Bush’s funeral without her husband, she saw her highest favorability rating at 57 percent.

But the Dems even tried to “prove” that Jill Biden is more beautiful than Melania by posting an old pic of Jill Biden.

Even WAY back then she was dressing like her grandmother’s couch.


They then posted this of Melania to somehow make Jill look less like a shower curtain.

She was darling.

Weird flex.

And we’re pretty sure this did not go as they thought or hoped it would.

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