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Bill Clinton Runs His Big Mouth At Trump – Gets SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY!

Bill Clinton the sex predator

Former President Bill Clinton showed how bitter he still is about his wife’s loss in the presidential election on Sunday when he bashed Donald Trump during a college commencement speech. Unfortunately for Clinton, however, he quickly learned the hard way that the American people could care less what he thinks about Trump.

Daily Mail reported that Clinton took a shot at Trump’s immigration policies when he said we must decide whether “our common humanity is more important or our differences matter more.” While speaking at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, New York the Democrat, whined that Muslims are often scapegoated for Islamic terror attacks and that isolating them could backfire.

“Does it mean we shouldn’t be tough on terrorism committed by Islamic radicals? Of course not,” said Clinton. “But it means we shouldn’t go around in a blind stupor mixing apples and oranges and terrifying some of the talented, most devoted people in this country who want to make their contribution and who help make us better because diverse groups make better decisions.”

Clinton’s plans to make Trump look bad backfired as audience members said they found his speech to be obnoxious.

The speech was criticized by attendee Brad Karagin who said the tone was too political for a college commencement.

“Sounded a little bit like a social justice warrior,” said attendee Brad Karagin.

People on twitter laid into Slick Willy too.

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