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Black Democrat Says the Democratic Party Must Be Disbanded and Name Changed Because It’s ‘Associated With Racism, Bigotry and the Confederacy’

Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones is not letting the Democrats slack in their duty to remove all references to anything associated with racism, bigotry and the Confederacy.

Jones is holding them to a higher standard and insists they go further than just tearing down statues, changing the names of streets and buildings, and removing portraits from the U.S. Capitol building.

Jones insists that the Democrats completely disband and reorganize under a different nameto completely purge the party for the same reasons.

Watch the video:


Hello America. I’m state representative Vernon Jones from Georgia.

You know, the late reverend Vernon Johns said, “If you see a good fight, go join in.”

Well, I’m all in.

Because what I have seen happening between Democrats and the “left,” banning together, going throughout this country, unlawfully tearing down statues and removing monuments and changing the name of streets and buildings, because they feel it’s associated with racism, bigotry and the confederacy—

As a matter of fact, Nancy Pelosi has recently removed portraits of several former speakers of the house from the U.S. Capitol, because she felt they were associated with bigotry and the Confederacy.

But here’s what they are not touching and not banning at all, or changing the name: the Democratic Party.

Wasn’t it Democrats who opposed the freedom of slavery and wanted to keep slaves? Wasn’t it the Democrats who started the Ku Klux Klan? And their was a Democrat by the name of Margaret Sanger who said that blacks and immigrants and the indigent, that they were all human weeds and they were reckless—get this— reckless breeders? Wow!

And wasn’t it mostly Democrats that opposed the Voter’s Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act, including Senator Robert Byrd, a Democrat, who was a card carrying KKK member, who was eulogized by another Democrat, U.S. Senator Joe Biden—which he doesn’t remember right now.

And then we had a presidential nominee Democrat, who said she admired the courage of Margaret Sanger, when she received the Margaret Sanger award. That’s Hillary Clinton.

Now wait a minute, finally we had the same Joe Biden, a Democrat, who said that if you don’t vote for him, you ain’t black.

Let me tell you something. Join me and others. Let’s challenge the Democratic Party, to have at their national convention, the number one platform issue, hat they would disband and change the Democratic Party. It would no longer be called the Democratic Party.


Because it’s associated with racism, bigotry and the Confederacy.

I got a lot more. Stay tuned America. Peace out.

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