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BREAKING: The First Photos of 7-1/2 Miles of New Border Wall are EPIC!

Mexico border wall

While the mainstream media claimed Trump would never build a wall, it’s already happening.

Naco, Arizona has reported that 7-1/2 miles of flimsy pedestrian fencing was replaced by a massive steel border wall.

The steel wall is made of vertical steel beams with slight spacing between them for visual aid. The Border agents actually prefer spacing because it allows them to see any threats on the other side while being at ground level.

Apparently, over $1.5 billion slipped through in the new budget plan, allocated for improvements in border control, including replacing flimsy fencing with a steel wall.

Here are the first pictures.

Mexico border wall

The wall is very high compared to the workers.

It looks like it is around 18 to 20 feet tall.

The next picture shows a worker needing a ladder to work on the top of the wall.

Worker welding at top of Mexico border wall

Try climbing up that, illegals!

This is a great start.

The section shown in the pictures was the final piece to complete the 7 1/2 mile wall.

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