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Breaking: Judge Orders That Case Against Epstein Is Over Following His Death


Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse, a Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, wrote a scathing letter to Barr that “heads must roll” after the incident few days after Epstein’s death.

“Every single person in the Justice Department — from your Main Justice headquarters staff all the way to the night-shift jailer — knew that this man was a suicide risk, and that his dark secrets couldn’t be allowed to die with him,” Sasse wrote.

It seems that we will never find out everything about Epstein’s friend who would have been dragged down with him.

A federal judge on Thursday ordered the sex trafficking case in New York against Jeffrey Epstein to be dismissed following the financier’s death in a Manhattan jail earlier this month.

U.S. District Judge Richard Berman signed a “nolle prosequi,” ruling that the case will be dismissed, according to a copy of the document obtained by The Hill.

Judge Richard Berman had said at a hearing on Tuesday that he was legally bound to dismiss the case. Prosecutors said at that hearing that an investigation into Epstein’s alleged crimes would continue, and that the dismissal would not prevent them from charging possible co-conspirators in the future.

Epstein’s lawyers could not immediately be reached for comment on Thursday.

Epstein, a wealthy 66-year-old money manager who once counted U.S. President Donald Trump, former President Bill Clinton and Britain’s Prince Andrew as friends, was arrested on July 6 and pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking charges involving dozens of girls as young as 14.

Berman had previously said he would allow the criminal case against Epstein to continue until after the disgraced financier’s accusers had a chance to testify in court.

More than a dozen women who accused the financier of sexual abuse shared their stories in a courtroom on Tuesday.

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    • Can’t prosecute a dead body … so why would anyone expect the case against Epstein to continue?

      • To continue and follow the evidence so others won’t be assaulted and molested in the same manner. Take down the cabal of left wing pedophilia and sexual assault. Burn down the Godless left wing progressive party and leave no stone unturned. Drive a wooden stake into the heart of the democrat monsters. That’s why we would want it to continue.

  1. Wow, that should make a lot of deviants happy. Clinton’s get off again. Someone got rich off this, and wasn’t Barr going to investigate? Of course that’s all they do is investigate, no one is ever held accountable.

    • Wasn’t there any evidence of others participating? What about whistleblowers, the abused kids and women? Why aren’t the one’s who helped Epstein being held accountable?

    • Other evidence exists, and when prosecutors figure out how to get it, they may yet prosecute Mr. Bill and others. All in all, it’s quite satisfying to know that the ‘stain’ (pun intended) on Mr. Bill’s reputation will last forever.

  2. Absolutely disgusting. And not a SINGLE person will be held accountable. Guaranteed. Not a SINGLE one. Even the warden was “reassigned”. No reprimand, no job loss, no income loss. Nothing. Just go somewhere else and bungle THAT place up. Disgusting.

  3. The Epstein case is a clear warning that no matter how rich you are or how well connected you are, the deep state can get you, so don’t screw with them. Suicide. oh yeah.

    • Just don’t ever cross killary! That bitch has ruined more lives and destroyed more families than all the criminals in Leavenworth! They really need to do something about her and her staff of murderers!

  4. See how well Arkancide can work ?

    The Sicilians started the Mafia after years of corrupt law enforcement officials there. I totally agree with the concept. We need a little wet work here in America to get the attention of America’s elitist layer of criminals. Starting with Arkansas types.

  5. Good of the trump admin to make sure this guy never talked. Was worried there for a bit, thought bill was in trouble.

  6. >if you don’t want to get metoo’d don’t rape wahmen
    >this is fine. no ulterior motive here. judges are totally not thirstybois who cultivate proclivities with little kids and I totally trust anyone who does’n’t need to wear pants under a man dress
    this is you liberal america. this is what you sound like

  7. Wonder how much the clintons paid that judge! Every single person in his records as being involved should be prosecuted. It’s wrong to allow killary to murder someone and get all the really evil guys off! Without all of them, Epstein would have had no sex trafficking business.

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