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BREAKING: Matt Drudge Issues a CHILLING Warning to President Trump


Matt Drudge of the famous website Drudge Report issued a chilling warning to President Trump via twitter on Wednesday.

The White House seems to be riddled with leaks and must be plugged or they could sink the ship.

James Comey was a good start and there is still a lot more swamp draining to do remove all of the moles.

Newsweek reports:

Conservative reporter Matt Drudge warned Wednesday about dangerous leaks coming from the White House following President Donald Trump’s firing of now former FBI Director James Comey. He suggested a “house cleaning” might be in order for the Trump administration to survive.

“We never got 1 damaging leak out of Obama White House staff in 8 yrs,” Drudge tweeted Wednesday. “Under Trump, they appear hourly. BIG DANGER: Small leaks sink ships!!”

“The Drudge Report” founder linked to a story from politics and business news site Axios, which cited sources describing the moments immediately after Trump fired Comey late Tuesday afternoon. Comey was in Los Angeles and was in the middle of a meeting when a news alert on a nearby television announced he had been fired. Comey initially believed it was a prank until he was later notified his term as director was up.

The criticism and analysis from Drudge’s personal account could have been a way to reflect his own views and keep his news website separate from those views. Drudge is known for rarely tweeting and scrubbing his account. On Wednesday, the tweets about White House leaks were the only two up on the account.

Drudge linked to a story that cited an anonymous White House official saying “It’s insane. The whole thing is just insane,” to reflect the confusion around the White House, Mediaite pointed out,


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