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Breaking: The Identity Of The Shooter That Killed At Least 7 People At A Walmart In Virginia Is Revealed – He Doesn’t Fit The Mainstream Media Narrative (Video)

Multiple people were killed and dozens were injured in a shooting at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia, late Tuesday, according to police, the latest episode in a nationwide surge of gun violence. Around 10.15 pm ET, the Chesapeake Police Department responded to a complaint of a shooting at the Walmart on Sam’s Circle. Authorities discovered evidence of gunshots as soon as they arrived, Chesapeake police spokesman MPO Leo Kosinski said during a news conference,

So far at last 7 people are killed!

According to an employee on the scene who survived and did a live stream on site, it was Walmart’s manager that “entered the break room and started shooting at workers”. Andre Bing had no prior arrests.

In the shocking video below, a Walmart associate on the parking lot shares his recount of the events. In it you can hear coworkers crying at what they had witnessed. “He plotted this for sure”, he said, “he just started capping people.” The employee also alleges the gunman committed suicide by gunfire once he was finished with his actions.

Video below:

The mainstream media didn’t even publish photos of the shooter because he didn’t fit their fake narrative!

Here’s a video from the shooter:


Andre Marcus Bing biography: 10 things about Chesapeake, Virginia man

He is a resident of Chesapeake, Virginia.
Aside from Chesapeake, he has lived in other parts of Virginia including Suffolk and Virginia Beach.
He has relatives based in Virginia, USA and New York, USA.
He has no criminal history.
He drives a Ford Focus.
He works as a store manager at Walmart on Sam’s Circle in Chesapeake.
He is related to Pervis Bing of Chesapeake, who is 2 years older than him.
In 2019, he bought a house in Chesapeake. He paid $225,00 and took mortgage out of $191,000. On January 17, 2019, his relative Pervis pleaded guilty in Texas, USA to a lesser drug charge in exchange for four years of deferred adjudication.
On November 22, 2022, he allegedly opened fire inside his workplace at Walmart in Chesapeake, fatally shooting at least four people and wounding at least six others, then turned the gun on himself. The Chesapeake Police Department has yet to confirm whether or not he is the gunman.
He is 31 years old.

Survivor text daughter from inside store

The daughter of a survivor of the mass shooting has revealed details about the terrifying moment that she learned her mother was inside the store.

Joetta Jeffery told CNN that her mother Betsy Umphlett sent her text messages telling her that gunfire had erupted inside the Walmart store when she was inside.

“I’m crying, I’m shaking,” Ms Jeffery told the network.

“I had just talked to her about buying turkeys for Thanksgiving, then this text came in.”

Her mother was uninjured in the attack and has now been reunited with her daughter.
This is a developing story and will be updated…