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Ceasefire Activist Blocks A Road In Philly – Find Out That’s Not a Good Idea (Video)

Anti-Israel ceasefire activists have embraced a classic tactic of the left, particularly of environmentalist groups — blocking highways and ticking off drivers.

We saw them do it in Los Angeles on Wednesday when they blocked hundreds of drivers on the 110 Freeway, including two school buses full of kids, for about an hour.

On Thursday, they tried the same action in Philadelphia shutting down I-76 westbound.

The protesters called for a ceasefire in Gaza as they lined up and blocked traffic on the westbound lanes of the Schuylkill Expressway in Center City near the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Police reported that a group of about 150 people with Jewish Voice for Peace started to gather on the Spring Garden Street Bridge around 3.30pm as they hung banners that said ‘Let Gaza Live’ and ‘Ceasefire Now.’

Then other activists jumped out of their cars below the bridge on I-76, then stretched out in a line to block the expressway.

Police arrested 32 protesters.

Video showed the protesters being placed in zip-ties and lined up along the median.

Interim Police Commissioner John Stanford told WPVI that they would be cited for being on the highway.

But this wasn’t the end some of them weren’t arrested and decided to roam through the city so they could bother more citizens.

However, one Philly citizen had enough and decided to teach the protestor a lesson of a life time!

Video below:

The consequences for blocking roads and especially highways should be made so high that no one would even consider doing this!