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CHARLOTTESVILLE BOMBSHELL: Antifa Terrorist Who Chased Vehicle Assailant Called as Witness


After he drove his car into a mob of leftists following the anarchy in Charlottesville, VA last year, James Fields was immediately profiled by the mainstream media as a crazed white supremacist terrorist on a murderous hate-filled rampage.

But as Fields’ trial unfolds, it is beginning to look like those initial reports are little more than fake news.

According to a report from the Richmond Times Dispatch, an ANTIFA-affiliated coward who admitted publicly to chasing Fields with a rifle before he sped into the crowd is going to be forced to take the stand by the defense.

“Fields’ attorneys have said the plan to call as a witness Dwayne Dixon, a professor at the University of North Carolina and a member of the loose-knit, left-leaning protest group antifa who claimed during a guest lecture at Harvard University in October 2017 to have “shooed” Fields away with his rifle shortly before the crash,” the report reads.

Dixon, a member of the ANTIFA off-shoot organization Redneck Revolt, bragged on Facebook that he chased Fields with his rifle, in a post he would later go on to delete:

He also told a group of his students that he violently provoked Fields:

When a reporter attempted to ask Dixon about his role in escalating the violence in Charlottesville, he literally ran like a scared child from the journalist:

The court of law will likely try to railroad Fields regardless of the facts of the case. But as the facts emerge, it becomes more obvious that it was the left-wing city government in conjunction with the Democratic governor who colluded to turn a lawful protest of white nationalists into an infamous and murderous riot. All to score cheap political points and hurt the President’s ‘America First’ agenda!

These communist terrorist criminals in groups such as Antifa and Redneck Revolt are the dregs of society, and until they are rooted out with many examples being made of this human trash, America will never be great again.

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