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Gov. Chris Christie Vetoes Child Marriage Ban


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According to Politico, Gov. Chris Christie on Thursday conditionally vetoed a bill (A3091) that would have banned outright all marriages for minors in New Jersey.

Christie instead called for more restrictions to be placed on the current New Jersey law, which allows 16- and 17-year-olds to obtain marriage licenses with parental consent, and grants them to those under 16 with a family court judge’s permission.

“I agree that protecting the well-being, dignity, and freedom of minors is vital, but the severe bar this bill creates is not necessary to address the concerns voiced by the bill’s proponents and does not comport with the sensibilities and, in some cases, the religious customs, of the people of this State,” Christie said after signing the veto.

Instead of an outright ban, Christie proposed a ban on all marriages for minors under 16 and requiring judicial consent for marriage between 16- and 17-year-olds.

“It is disingenuous to hold that a 16-year-old may never consent to marriage, although New Jersey law permits the very same 16-year-old to consent to sex or obtain an abortion without so much as parental knowledge, let alone consent,” Christie wrote. “That inconsistency in logic undercuts the alleged logic of an outright ban.

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  1. Question 1 from Mr knows it all during the 1800 in USA could people get married under 16. Question 2 in the middle East since 2000 years ago can or could they marry super young,their culture don’t change I asume since then.when I see a old fart in 4os marry a 12 year old. I make my stomach turn or in America called paedophiles if put right word down.Into children meaning sex marriage etc.some other countries same .we are a young country not into this stuff.They have trouble Europe etc on different stuff on Sharia law.practice that law in the middle East not here I have spoken.

  2. As a legal system, Sharia law is exceptionally broad. While other legal codes regulate public behavior, Sharia law regulates public behavior, private behavior and even private beliefs. Of all legal systems in the world today, Sharia law is the most intrusive and restrictive, especially against women. According to Sharia law:
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    • Girls’ clitoris should be cut (Muhammad’s words, Book 41, Kitab Al-Adab, Hadith 5251).
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