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Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi Call on Trump to Work Together on Healthcare

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Summer ask Trump to work together on health care

Something needs to be done about Obamacare and the sooner the better.

Democratic leadership is now proposing they are willing to work with Trump on healthcare and that he should ignore Paul Ryan’s concerns about “working with Democrats.”

Is this just more political posturing in an attempt give the impression that Schumer and Pelosi are the “good guys?” I hope nobody falls for it since they were part of inflicting Obamacare on us in the first place and they didn’t even know what was in it, according to Pelosi.

Is Trump playing the “walk away” strategy now, or will he come back around in time to do something before things get worse?

It would have been rather miraculous that the health care crisis could be solved in such a short time.

Hopefully, this will get solved sooner than later, but I don’t see how everyone is going to be covered and covered affordably without the insurance rates skyrocketing. I certainly won’t help to make it a mandate.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Democratic congressional leaders want President Trump to ignore House Speaker Paul Ryan’s warning against working with Democrats on healthcare.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called on Trump to work with them on healthcare. The letter comes a day after Ryan said he was concerned Trump will work with Democrats after the president suggested reaching out to moderate Democrats.

“Democrats have always been ready to work across the aisle to improve and update the Affordable Care Act,” Pelosi and Schumer wrote. “It is our hope that we can work together to prevent the increase in premiums and other healthcare costs for hard-working Americans, including the soaring cost of prescription drugs.”

They also called on Trump to not sabotage Obamacare. Trump said shortly after a House repeal bill was pulled Friday that politically the best thing for him to do was to let Obamacare “explode.”

 “In just a few months, insurers will be making bids for participating in the 2018 marketplaces,” they wrote. “As president, you have a responsibility to protect and sustain the marketplaces and the coverage they provide to so many Americans.”