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CNN Tracks Down Latinos At The U.S.-Mexico Border To Question Them About The Border Wall – They Didn’t Expect This Answer

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Nationalism and a love for this country by its citizens come in all colors. CNN’s and the left’s narrative of white nationalism is getting destroyed. Love to see how they’ll dig themselves out of their hole now.

CNN went to our southern border to find Latinos that will bash President Trump but they didn’t expect the answer they got!

On Monday’s Erin Burnett OutFront, CNN’s Miguel Marquez noted that 34% of Latinos approved of Trump in a recent CNN poll. He said, as a puzzled Erin Burnett looked on, that though a majority of Latinos disapprove of Trump, there are plenty who live along the U.S.-Mexico border who support Trump, believe that there is a “national emergency” at the border, and would like to see the size of the border wall “doubled” or “tripled.”

Rolando Rodriguez, who lives a mile from the border in McAllen, Texas, said he wants a 2,600-mile border wall that is “longer and taller.”

When asked how much taller he wants the border wall to be, Rodriguez replied, “twice as much at least.”

Rodriguez, who said he supports Trump because of religious issues and “border politics,” added that he believes that the border wall will be a barrier for the “bad people” and not the “good people.”

CNN also found Mayra Gutierrez, who is in the process of getting her U.S. citizenship so she can vote for Trump. She said she supports Trump because of abortion, the economy, and immigration.

“We do have a lot of problems here with immigration, and I do support his stance for the wall,” Gutierrez told CNN.

Joacim Hernandez, the president of the Hidalgo County Young Republicans, told the outlet that the last time Trump visited the area, there were a lot of Latinos “that were out there supporting him.”

Never has the economy been stronger for Hispanics and minorities than under Trump.
2020 will be a MAGA Meltdown by the Left of historical proportion’s.

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