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Coders Learn to Journalism: Robo-Journalists ‘Gaining Popularity’ in Newsrooms

Coders have learned to journalism.

From AFP:

A text-generating “bot” nicknamed Tobi produced nearly 40,000 news stories about the results of the November 2018 elections in Switzerland for the media giant Tamedia—in just five minutes.

These kinds of artificial intelligence programs—available for nearly a decade—are becoming more widespread as news organizations turn to them to produce stories, personalize news delivery and in some cases sift through data to find important news.

[…] A similar automated program called Heliograf has enabled The Washington Post daily to cover some 500 election races, along with local sports and business, since 2014.

You can tell from headlines like these journos are already getting shook:

Traditional reporters have already been replaced by monotonous robots.

That said, their jobs are probably safe for the time being until they can program these AI bots to dox random thought criminals for various thought crimes and properly manufacture fake news.

Author: Chris Menahan
Courtesy of InformationLiberation

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