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Comey Says UNDER OATH No One Ever Asked Him to Stop an Investigation (Video)


The New York Times put out another hit piece on President Trump.

According to the Times, President Trump asked Comey to “obstruct justice” by halting the investigation into Michael Flynn for political reasons.

This story was all concocted according to some anonymous sources that read from a memo Comey supposedly created about a meeting with the President.

This story is dubious for multiple reasons, besides the fact it comes from anonymous sources.

First of all, why would Trump ever say something like that to a man he didn’t trust to begin with?

Then, if this were to have happened, it was Comey’s responsibility to immediately report obstruction of justice.

If he were not to, he’d be guilty of obstruction of justice as well.

This piece of new evidence debunks the Comey memo even further.

Under oath, on May 3rd, James Comey testified that he has never been asked to stop investing someone for a political reason.

He said very clearly “It’s not happened in my experience.”

If the Comey memo were to be true, Comey would have thus lied under oath.

Watch Comey’s testimony in the video below.

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