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Watch!! Ten Minutes Compilation Proves CNN Systematically Cuts the Mic of Anyone Bashing Hillary Clinton

The YouTube channel “Centipede Productions” has amassed 10 minutes worth of CNN and claiming technical difficulties, shouting down guests, and flat-out cutting the microphone of people who attempt to speak the facts pertaining to Hillary Clinton’s scandal-ridden past and present.

The fact is, CNN has an agenda. It is destroying the legally elected President Trump and push for globalism. They have been part of the team trying to undermine President Trump’s administration right along.

CNN network has lost all touch with reality. They are a joke and it is a shame they used to have some credibility as a news org, years ago.

Watch the video below!

The video begins with a correspondent having her live feed cut off just as she’s detailing Clinton’s record on supporting laws that the Left now believes unfairly targeted minorities in the 90s, according to The Daily Wire.

It moves on to a hilarious moment where a CNN host throws to a clip she thought would be angry African Americans protesting Trump, but turns out to be a black pro-Trump supporter talking about the racial unity he’s found at the rallies and the media’s determination to race-bait, which is exactly what that host was trying to do. Hi-lari-ous!

Another host slams a conservative guest as lying when in reality she was repeating the talking points of FBI Director Comey’s press conference about Hillary’s secret-home email server, which was filled with classified information she denied was ever there.

Which brings us to the king of all intolerant CNN hosts, Don Lemon, who will cut the mic on anyone who dares speak a fact about Clinton (or Obama) that he doesn’t agree with. In this clip, he cuts the mic of a guest who dared bring up that Hillary was complicit in the many sexual harassment situations her husband is famous for.

The final portion is host Anderson Cooper cutting off a guest who once again dared to speak facts about Hillary that were already reported on CNN and many other news outlets, but were clearly not what the host wanted to hear.

By now we figure it out that the media is the enemy of Trump. If there was something bad about him no matter true or false, the mainstream media would be all over it.

The fact is, that mainstream media can’t show positive things about or from President Trump… They are completely biased for the ‘progressive’ liberal Democrats and they don’t allow anything that doesn’t promote that narrative.

But, as we thought, the major networks – ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN refused to air an ad that labels them “fake news.”

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