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Defector Claims North Korean Units Will Stage Kidnappings If Tensions Rise

Kim Jong-un

A North Korean defector who said he was part of a secret unit that routinely infiltrated South Korea said that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un will launch a wave of kidnappings if tensions between the U.S. and North Korea keep rising.

Ung-gil Lee, who fled North Korea after losing faith in its regime, told The Daily Mail that the 11th Storm Corps, of which he was a member, is trained to kidnap innocent victims from South Korea.

“The best case would be to round them up and take them north, but if not they will take the foreigners hostage in South Korea. But they will all be killed, come what may – this goes hand in hand with assassination,” he said.

Although Lee’s claims could not be fully verified, Michael Malice, author of Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il, told Fox News that past regimes have had a penchant for kidnapping.

“North Korea has been kidnapping people for literally decades for various reasons,” he said. “They’ve also repeatedly send people to the south to assassinate various people.”

Human Rights Watch has also noted that North Korea “has also kidnapped individuals from China, Thailand, Europe, and the Middle East.”

Lee said that the 100-person strong 11th Storm Corps is only one of several units that will spring into action if North Korea is attacked.

Kim Jong-Un “is going to fight back and use all retaliatory measures. Unless Trump thinks he can get rid of him, he must not carry out an attack,” Lee said.

Lee said his group’s missions in South Korea were in preparation to destroy infrastructure and cause disruption.

“We would sneak into the South, change our clothing, go into areas where there are lots of foreigners and capture some of them. We memorized locations, phone numbers and the car number plates of major embassies,” he said.

His group was also taught to memorize details about mobile phone systems.

Lee said that he and others carried drugs that had two uses. “These were carried for attacks or else for us to commit suicide,” he said.

Although Lee said he was first recruited to serve North Korea as a teenager, time eroded his commitment until he now denounces his former country.

“It is right to call North Korea part of the Axis of Evil,” he said. “Its leader is worse than all the evil dictators of Libya, Iraq and Syria combined.”

Malice said that if there is a conflict, Americans would be the likely targets.

North Korea refers to Americans as “U.S. imperialists,” he said.

“We are the theoretical enemies,” said Malice, “but if we move, we will be the enemy in practice, and they will absolutely go after us.”