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Democrat Slams GOP Opponent for “Not Believing in Public Schools,” But Sends His Own Kids to $18K Private School

North Carolina Democratic congressional candidate Dan McCready derides his opponent – constitutional conservative state senator Dan Bishop – for calling out mismanaged public schools for their failing records.

McCready blamed his opponent for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District for the drop in pay for teachers, such as a substitute teacher he talked to whose pay dropped from $14 to $10 per hour in recent years.

“This is what these politicians like state Sen. Bishop do,” McCready said at a candidate forum hosted by the Fayetteville NAACP, according to the Daily Caller. “They don’t believe in public schools. They do anything they can to conduct a war on schools.”

“We’ve got to stop this war on public schools,” McCready added. “I really believe that some of these politicians don’t actually believe in public schools.”

However, McCready sends some of his children to a Charlotte-based private school, paying nearly $18,000 per student to get them out of the failing public school system.

The religious school, Trinity Episcopal, announced on its Facebook page that “Trinity dad & Candidate for US Congress” dropped by in April to give a speech to a class of second graders about democracy. His biography also shows that he serves on the board for the private school.

His campaign confirmed that McCready does not practice what he preaches.

“As a product of North Carolina public schools, Dan McCready believes in public education and ending the attacks on our public schools by people like State Senator Dan Bishop and [Education Secretary] Betsy DeVos,” McCready’s spokesman Matthew Fried said.

“He and his wife chose to send their kids to a small Christian school to receive a faith-based education, and they find it shameful that politician Dan Bishop is attacking their kids,” Fried added.

With four weeks to go until the special election for the Congressional seat to supplant deceased former Rep. Walter Jones, McCready is in a dead heat with his opponent, Bishop.

“Despite the fact that Dan McCready has been campaigning for almost three years, the polls are tied and Dan Bishop has all the momentum in this race,” North Carolina GOP Chairman Michael Whatley said. “With dozens of events and a solid ground game in place over the next four weeks, we see the district staying Republican.”

McCready’s tremendous hypocrisy on the issue of schools is not likely to help him gain in the polls.

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