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This Dude Supported Bernie in the Primaries, Voted for Jill Stein in the General, and Here’s Why He Supports Trump Now

Why I support President Trump

A young man who supported Bernie Sanders and voted for Jill Stein made a video explaining why he now supports Donald Trump.

He begins the video by saying:

I registered Democrat this year to vote for Bernie Sanders in the primary. I voted Jill Stein in the regular election. I honestly couldn’t stand Donald Trump for most of last year, but I can comfortably and honestly say I support him now more than ever.

Why? how can that be? Everyone is telling me it’s the worst Presidency ever. It’s the worst year to be alive. Are you working for the Republican party? Are you working for Russia? Are you working for Trump?

Actually no, I’ve never voted Republican in my life. I‘ve never thought about voting Republican in my entire life.

Generally, I think politics has been a scam my entire lifetime. But give me the time and listen to my reason as to why I support President Trump. He is actually doing a way better job than I thought he would do.”

He then goes into detail as to why he supports Donald Trump based on these 7 issues:

  1. He ended the TPP
  2. Middle East Policy / Syria
  3. Destroying Mainstream Media
  4. Cracking down on human trafficking
  5. He’s “draining the swamp”
  6. Ending phony Paris Climate Deal
  7. Ending political correctness

Watch the video:


I bet it’s not what you heard or expected…

Posted by An0maly on Saturday, July 15, 2017

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