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During Trump’s Hush Money Trial A List That Contained The Names Of The People With Whom Trump Spoke Most Frequently – One Name Surprised Everyone

You don’t need to follow the Stormy Daniels trial because you already know it’s a trainwreck. The jury selection process was a disaster, and this case is why we shouldn’t have political trials. No one can be impartial. It shouldn’t shock anyone if Trump is convicted since the pool seems to be comprised of left-leaning, Trump-hating consumers of liberal media. It’s the weakest case against the former president, but with the lawfare front waning for liberals, they will give it everything they have.

The whole case is to expose Trump’s private life and if they can find some dirt so the media can have something to write on!

During the trial the jury was shown a contact list that Rhona Graff, Trump’s longtime executive assistant at the Trump Organisation, gave to Westerhout when she started working for Trump at the White House.

The list contained the names of the people with whom Trump spoke most frequently.

Top on the list of eye-openers was tennis star Serena Williams, who hit the ceremonial first serve at a new tennis center at the Trump National Golf Club in 2015, two months before Trump declared his candidacy for the presidency.

They include the tennis star Serena Williams, the former NFL player Tom Brady, Trump’s siblings, Robert Trump and Maryanne Trump Barry, and high-profile media personalities such as Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity.

The full list, according to CNN, is as follows: David Pecker, Bill O’Reilly, Charles Kushner, Matt Calamari, Jack Nicklaus, Tiffany Trump, Joe Scarborough, Nelson Peltz, Phil Ruffin, Lou Rinaldi, Jeanine Pirro, Ike Perlmutter, Robert Trump, Maryanne Trump Barry, Allen Weisselberg, Steve Wynn, Serena Williams, Ari Emanuel, David Friedman, Jerry Falwell, Sean Hannity, Tom Barrack, Tom Brady, Pam Bondi.