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Erased From History: Here’s How ‘Four More Years, Pause’ Gaffe Played Out in the Official White House Transcript (Screenshot)

Joe Biden suffered yet another embarrassing gaffe when he read aloud the instructions written on the teleprompter during his speech at a trade union conference in Washington on Wednesday.

Biden, reading off a teleprompter, appeared to incorporate script instructions in the middle of his speech, resulting in an awkward applause line.

“I see an America where we defend democracy, not diminish it. I see an America where we protect freedoms, not take them away,” Biden said. “I see an economy that grows a lot in the bottom up where the wealthy pay their fair share, so we can have child care, paid leave and so much more, and still reduce the federal deficit and increase economic folks.

“Imagine what we could do next? Four more years, pause,” he said before laughing.

Video below:

Trump’s supporters had a good laugh but what scares me the most is the reaction from his supporters who don’t mind having a senile President and want four more years!

Members of North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU) stepped in and chanted “four more years” in response to the President’s botched cue.

If a 45-year-old Republican president did this, it’d be one of the main things he’d be known for the rest of the presidency.

This happens when Biden is out on the campaign trail supposedly demonstrating his vigor is a reminder that the White House is never going to succeed in tamping down the concerns about the president’s age.

But most importantly this is erased from the WH history books!

Biden’s handlers want to pretend this highly embarrassing moment didn’t happen.

Here’s how it played out in the official White House transcript:

In all seriousness, isn’t this illegal? This seems equivalent to a court stenographer changing things she/he doesn’t want in the record. Transcripts are meant to be a genuine record. Whoever transcribed this and the many other “tweaked” ones need to be made to submit an affidavit swearing the contents are exact to their best knowledge, information and belief – and we’ll deal with them knowingly falsifying records later when there are less fires to put out.